The MBTA Commuter Rail services all four communities in the 8th Norfolk District, with each town positioned along a different line (Providence, Stoughton, and Franklin/Forge Park). A vast number of residents in the district rely on the trains, yet constantly find themselves on the receiving end of poor, unreliable service. What’s more, these commuters are being asked to pay more for a service that is considered substandard and is under constant threat of privatization. Finding creative ways to make the T more reliable will positively impact the rider experience and the environment, and will incentivise more people to give up their highway commute for the train. Ingenuity and creativity are required to get our train systems working better for all of us. I’m frustrated with this perpetual problem and will be dedicated to finding incremental solutions that are meaningful, strategic, and benefit commuters in our district and across the state. Proposed ideas include: 

  • Develop a commuter rail schedule similar to the subway schedule to decrease crowding and increase the ability of conductors to collect fares from riders (creating an instant increase in revenue). 

  • Graduated income tax structure for revenue generation, including the passing of H.86, commonly known as the Millionaire’s Tax. 

  • Equipment upgrades to create a more reliable train service to riders.

  • Newer, more efficient trains.

  • Stronger oversight of the MBTA’s Fiscal Control Board.