Supporting Our Aging Population

Towns in our district and throughout the Commonwealth are grappling with finding a balance between supporting the development of our communities and ensuring our aging population can remain in the communities they have supported and called home for decades. Projects like new schools, such as in Stoughton and Sharon, can develop our communities and improve them for generations to come, but can threaten the stability of our elderly population if they receive less financial support as a result.


Through a strong understanding of our state’s tax code and a creative approach to keeping a financially diverse community, I will propose innovative solutions to ensure our children can receive a high-quality education, our public services are well-funded, and our seniors can remain in the communities they have called home for so long. I am dedicated to keeping our aging population in their homes and ensuring no town has to abandon its seniors in order to support a development project or other investment.

As your State Representative, I will work to:

  • Expand allowable limits on property tax work-off programs to help seniors reduce their tax burdens.

  • Create smaller, more affordable housing units for residents to downsize while staying in the community they love.

  • Identify and facilitate the development of commercial and industrial properties that can become contributors to local tax bases and slow the rate of property tax increases in all four communities.


On this issue, I am proud to be endorsed by:

  • MassRetirees