Philips attends Anti-Hate Rally in Attleboro

After all that's happened in the last week and with what was going on in Boston today, a crowd of people gathered in Attleboro to send the message that theres no place for hate in Massachusetts.

People in Attleboro are urging their neighbors to choose love.

"We're certainly promoting peace. We do not stand up for any of the violence any of the alt–right messages and we don't want that here," says Ellen Farmer of North Attleboro.

The event is a direct response to last weekend's rallies in Virginia where neo–Nazis, white supremacists and others became violent on the streets of Charlottesville. Counter–protestor Heather Heyer was killed.

"We do not welcome their presence, not in our state, not in our country, not in our world," says Diane Lennox of Attleboro.

People of all ages participating, parents hopeful their children will learn from the experience.

Some, attributing the rise in messages of hate to the current political climate.

"I think part of whats going on in Washington has emboldened these people to come out and feel a little bit more comfortable sharing their message but at the same time that's whats emboldening these people right here to come out and say that that's not okay," says Ted Philips, a Democratic candidate for State Senate in Attleboro.

Although the rally was not as big as the protests in the capital city, organizers say every bit of positivity makes a difference.

"We may not be a huge group but we're here and we don't agree with what y

ou're saying and what you're doing and every little bit helps," says Stephanie Keck.

Organizers of today's rally in Attleboro had no safety concerns since no one came to protest their gathering.

Source: ABC6 News Providence

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