I fundamentally believe that healthcare is a right and that no one should ever go uninsured. The COVID-19 crisis has underscored how important access to quality, affordable healthcare is for everyone, and how our Commonwealth must work to achieve universal access to healthcare. With the Affordable Care Act in peril at the federal level, Massachusetts must continue its decades-long leadership on healthcare by making healthcare affordable for all and ensuring no resident of the Commonwealth lacks access to quality care. In doing so, we must also ensure all forms of healthcare are covered and stop drug companies from selling their life-saving medicines at absurd, unaffordable prices.


In our Commonwealth, we are also facing two major health crises: opioids and vaping. The former has been widespread across the United States and is still raging throughout Massachusetts, claiming the lives of far too many of our loved ones. Much of the reason our opioid problem has grown to such a large scale is that our medical professionals and public safety agencies have not been adequately equipped to handle such a crisis, which must be immediately rectified if we are going to end this epidemic. Our young people also face a vaping crisis, which has already begun to harm the health of far too many teens. To combat this epidemic, we must stand with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey in her fight against companies like JUUL which target our youth with smoking devices full of toxins and chemicals.


If elected to the State House, I will fight for affordable healthcare for every resident of the 8th Norfolk District and throughout Massachusetts. Now more than ever, our legislature must protect its citizens and ensure no one lacks access to quality care.


As your State Representative, I will work to:

  • Reduce the cost of healthcare with a particular focus on drug pricing.  

  • Combat the opioid crisis by ensuring that our medical professionals have the education and resources needed to fight this epidemic.

    • These resources should include both preventative measures and emergency response tools like NARCAN.

  • Provide adequate access to mental health resources for all who need it.

  • Combat the vaping epidemic in Massachusetts and across the country, which is drastically impacting the health of our young people.

    • I will support Massachusetts Attorney General Healey’s efforts to take on the vaping industry and its amoral efforts to target our children for profit.

On this issue, I am proud to be endorsed by:

  • Massachusetts Nurses Association

  • 1199SEIU (United Healthcare Workers)