The public school systems in Sharon, Stoughton, Mansfield and Walpole are pivotal to the educational, financial and cultural health of these communities.  In addition, the overall health of the Massachusetts' economy relies on the global competitiveness of our schools. While the Student Opportunity Act of 2019 was a strong step in the right direction towards fixing some of the inequities of our current system, there is still much work to be done. As your State Representative, I will:

  • Highlight the educational successes of our local communities and advocate at the State level for the value that our districts contribute to the overall economy  

  • Advance the Fair Share Amendment to bring more funding into our schools through the Chapter 70 formula

  • Fight to re-evaluate the role charter schools play in our education system and move them back to their original mission of innovation in education

  • Network with State Representatives and Senators who represent similar communities, to protect the investment made in suburban districts school districts

  • Make a promise to not advocate for additional requirements until existing needs can be met and the necessary funding accompanies new mandates

  • On a yearly basis, meet with local leaders from each district to identify problems and monitor progress

  • Promote additional collaborative opportunities among school districts