Economic Development


Our district is rife with potential in this area; however, it is going to take a creative mind and an understanding of the process to make change happen. A strong economic development plan is essential to our district’s ability to thrive and offset the burden of issues, such as the rapid increase of housing prices. Finding solutions to our district’s diverse economic development needs requires a strong knowledge of each community’s pain points, and a forward-thinking strategy that will help our towns prosper. I will focus on the following areas for economic growth: 

  • Developing a robust downtown for Stoughton, unlocking its development potential. 

  • Address Sharon’s decades-old problem of stagnant downtown development through creative solutions, such as expanding the center’s sewer capacity to open the door to new economic opportunities. 

  • Advocate for the state resources Walpole and Stoughton need to maintain the momentum they are currently seeing in their commercial real estate development.