Climate Change


Climate change is the single biggest threat to our future, and major action is required in order to reduce the effects we have already begun to see and ultimately prevent total devastation across the globe. However, we're running out of time to take meaningful action. Massachusetts has been a leader on climate change for decades, though there is still much work left to be done in the Commonwealth. 


As the globe continues to warm year by year, Massachusetts will experience – and has already begun to experience – severe effects of climate change. Our coastal towns and cities, including Boston, risk being submerged as sea levels continue to rise. Our farmers will struggle to produce as much when harsher droughts and heavier rain kill their crops. Our communities of color will feel harsher effects of climate change due to long-standing structural inequities which have made majority-Black and Brown communities more polluted and more susceptible to the effects of climate change (learn more about environmental racism here). Acting on climate change now will not only save our planet for generations to come, but will also save lives and prevent our country – and our world – from incurring major costs in the future by trying to reverse the irreversible effects of climate change. 


Without strategic steps to effect change, we will face major issues around air and water quality, public health crises, disproportionate harm to communities of color, and an unstable future for the next generation. Our Commonwealth has a responsibility to act on this crisis, and we must act on it now.


As your State Representative, I will work to:

  • Make Massachusetts carbon neutral by 2050 and have 100% renewable electricity by 2035.

    • To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, I support imposing increasing interim emission limits in 2030 and 2040.

  • Ensure at least 1% of the state budget is spent on environmental agencies and policy.

    • Requiring a minimum amount of spending on environmental protection will ensure that we are dedicating a sufficient amount of our state’s resources to combatting this existential threat every year.

  • Create sustainable policies around water management. 

  • Continue to fund the electric vehicle rebate program, which incentivizes the switch from gas to electric cars in Massachusetts.

  • Invest in newer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly public transportation.

    • Read more about my transportation plan here.

  • Impose stricter regulations on pollution- and waste-creating buildings and industries to reduce the disproportionate burden of toxic pollutants on communities of color.

    • The Massachusetts legislature should also commission and release a new report on the magnitude of environmental racism in our state.

  • Listen to and include the voices of young people, who will be most heavily impacted by climate change, in the Commonwealth’s fight to save our environment.

On this issue, I am proud to be endorsed by:

  • Environmental League of Massachusetts