Addressing the Legislative Bottleneck


2019 was a strong year for the Massachusetts State House, with the passage of a handful of major bills; however, with over 7,000 bills filed each legislative session, we need to do better at moving the many bills that could greatly benefit our state to the Governor’s Desk. My 15 years at the State House has made me a student of government who understands and can navigate the intricacies of the State House and how to work within the system to affect meaningful change. It takes hard work and dogged determination to get a bill passed, and because of my deep involvement in the process, I understand what can be improved upon to streamline our legislative framework. As a full time representative, it will be a mission of mine to make changes that will create a more efficient approach to improving our communities and the Commonwealth, such as: 

  • Drafting proposals to change the rules of the House to make it more transparent, efficient, and effective. 

  • Fast-tracking municipal changes that require legislative approval.

  • Working to bring more bills to the floor for full and open debate, not just bills that are expected to pass with 140+ votes in a 160-member House.